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<name>It's Dot Com Enough For Me: Songs From Silicon Somewhere</name>


<paragraph>A collection of the best folk music from Internet companies.</paragraph>









<clip format="mp3" length="4.32" size="4.0 Mb" src="track2.mp3">

<title>Track 2: My B2B is B-R-O-K-E</title>


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<product id="wg0026" keywords="appliance,electronics">

<name>ElectroThermal Oxidizer</name>


<paragraph>This amazing gizmo uses electricity to produce heat that can be used for oxidization purposes.</paragraph>




<image format="jpg" width="208" height="178" src="/images/toaster.jpg"> </image>






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<product id="wg0027" keywords="computing,

electronics, input device">

<name>Percusive Interface Unit</name>


<paragraph>Communicate with your favorite

electric calculating machine--through





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